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Speeding to Success: If it’s a great idea, its likely someone else is thinking that too. Advanced communications systems, advanced modeling, rapid prototyping and mass marketing tools, move ideas to market at lightning speed. This means there’s more to be lost by moving alone, slow, or down the wrong path. At TechPort, we’re here to get you to success, quickly.

Your Unique Plan

Developing your Unique Path: You, your product, your team, your goals, are unique. It doesn’t make sense to send everyone down a “one size fits all path”, wastes time, resources, and money. At TechPort, we listen, work with you to identify where and how you will find success. We assess, bring our expertise to your ‘secret sauce’ to bring your product to market quickly, capture maximum advantage that comes with being first-to-market. No long education processes, no setting you up to be something you’re not and/or don’t want to be. Its about discovering you as well as the market.

Tech Port : Valued Partnerships

Most ideas don’t make it to market. Frequently, the idea and market are great, but how and who to do it with, are where the failures occur. You could spend years attempting to educate yourself (lost market time), or you can pay untold amounts to consultants (who have no ‘skin-in-the game’). At TechPort, we have a better way-we show value first, then grow with you as you succeed.

Our Stakeholder-Partners

Our Eco System

An upbeat and high-class working environment is part of success-doing the ‘controllables’ right. And it shows to investors as well. TechPort provides state-of-the-art facilities-classy offices and an ‘aircraft hanger’ style workshop for product development. As you require, we’ll bring in consultants, partners and investors.

Located at the growing St. Mary’s County Airport, TechPort startups ‘rub elbows’ with other startups and established UAS, high tech, and aero companies. Higher education resources are next door. Become part of our growing UAS/Tech EcoSystem!

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June 22, 2018 TechPort’s LunchBox2: “Locating and Using UAS Research” By Matt Scasssero,
Director UAS Test Site

TechPort at AUVSI ‘18
TechPort at AirVenture‘18

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